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How To Review An Experience

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Reviews have become a very important tool for both customers and businesses alike. They not only help customers choose experiences, they help the business build their reputation by building relationships with their customers as they work to improve their offering based on feedback. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Not everyone can leave a review. The Eat Sleep Play Go platform only allows those users who have actually booked the experience to leave a review of that experience. The system also doesn’t allow the customer to leave a review until the experience has actually happened. This is in place so that the reviews that are submitted are real reviews of the experience.

In addition to real reviews, Eat Sleep Play Go relies on crowdsourced feedback to reviews to help bolster their usefulness. Each review has a Helpful section. Any user can click the helpful button and it will increase the count of that review – informing users that this review was valuable in some way.


Leaving A Review

1. When you book an experience, after you attend that experience you will receive an email from Eat Sleep Play Go reminding you to leave a review. You don’t have to wait for this email to leave a review, but you do have to wait until after you go to the experience to leave a review.

2. Either from the reminder email link, or from our website – visit the listing page of the experience you booked.

3. You must be logged in to leave a review, otherwise you will be presented with this message:

4. Scroll to the bottom of the listing, you will see an area for leaving a review. There are 2 parts to the review:

  1. Numerical Score – This allows us to calculate the rating score of the experience using different metric points.
  2. Open Text Area – this allows you to provide your own account of what you liked or didn’t like about the experience.

5.  Once you fill out the rating and enter your review, click Submit Review.

After a review is submitted, the Vendor is notified that they have a new review.  Vendors can respond to reviews at any time and are encouraged to interact with their customers.




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