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How can I change or recover my password?

2 minutesread

Unfortunately, there is no way to recover your existing password, you will need to reset it.  Eat Sleep Play Go will never ask for your password.

To reset your password:

1. On the top right corner of the screen, click on ‘Sign In.’

2. In the pop-up, click on ‘Lost Your Password?’ and fill in your email address.

3. Enter your email in the next pop-up window.

4. You will then receive and email with a link to reset your password, where you will be prompted to create a new password and confirm.

5. You will be asked to log in once your password is reset.


If you would like to change your current password:

1. Log into your account and visit your dashboard.

2. On the left-sided menu, click on ‘Change Password.’

3. Here you can create your new password.

4. Click ‘Save Changes’ to save your new password.


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