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Graffiti Treasures Tour: London's Street Art for Kids

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While in London, you might have spotted street art randomly around you. But, have you seen the white goat? Where is the toilet with wings? How about the rainbow dinosaur? On this family friendly tour, I’ll take you on an artistic journey where you will discover the coolest street art in the city!

Learn the secrets of the city and the coolest neighborhoods as you search high and low to find the funky graffiti, sculptures, and plaques that make Shoreditch and Brick Lane so unique. Pay a visit to the Nomadic Gardens and experience the quirky and welcoming vibes.

This Family Friendly experience is a colorful journey that will keep your kids’ eyes open in order to spot the next art street. Wander through markets, hidden corners, and see how the urban masterpieces unfold in front of you.

Any requests? I’ll gladly customize the tour to fit the needs of your family! By the end of your Family Friendly experience, you’ll know all about the colorful art, and will spark your kids’ imagination!


Tour Length
2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a private or group tour?

This is a private tour only.

What languages is this tour provided in?

Your tour guide can speak English, Slovenčina, and Čeština.

Are children included in the price?

Yes, children under 10 go free!

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Price: £ 35.00
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Experience Booking

Price: £ 35.00
Price shown is based on per person booking and can vary by number attending.



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