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Find the TARDIS: Doctor Who's London Experience

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London, in the universe of Doctor Who, a magnet for adventures and aliens seeking to exterminate, convert and generally mess with the time/space continuum.

Step forward our savior, a two-hearted alien Time Lord with a love of jelly babies, eccentric fashion and periodical changes in appearance.

If you are true Whovian, this tour is perfect for you!

Discover places where the Doctor’s adventures took over for more than fifty years. You’ll see places and hear stories of old and new incarnations of Earth’s favorite Gallifreyan.

Walk in the wheel tracks of the Daleks across Westminster Bridge and stand where Cybermen have marched through St Pauls. Plus, discover some of the stories of the Doctor’s encounters over the years from William Shakespeare to Winston Churchill.

You’ll also get to visit one of the very few remaining blue boxes. Or is it perhaps a certain Time And Relative Dimensions In Space craft…waiting for its traveler to return? WHO knows!

Put on your favorite bow tie and discover London following Dr. Who’s footsteps. And if there is anything else you would like to add to this experience, send me a message and I’ll customize this fantastic experience for you!

“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”


Meeting point
Tower of London - London
Stop 1
HQ of U.N.I.T and occasional prison throughout a thousand years of the Doctor.
Stop 2
Site of the 10th Doctor's adventure in 1599 with none other than the Bard himself, Mr William Shakespeare.
Stop 3
When the Doctor first appeared on our TV screens, St Paul's was still the tallest building in London. However, Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece is well known to the Doctor over the years and his terrifying foes, The Cybermen.
Stop 4
Is it an eye or is an antenna? The London Eye saw the 9th Doctor (the bolshy northern one who clearly still had a chip on his shoulder from the Time War) engaged in adventures with Rose Tyler.
Stop 5
When it comes to evil mechanical killing machines, the Daleks make the Cybermen look like Mary Poppins. Walk in the wheel tracks of Skaros' worst.
Stop 6
Secretly located in the National Gallery is the Under Gallery created by Elizabeth I and home to painting Gallifrey Falls No More from Day Of The Doctor.
Last stop
As we end this tour, take a moment to pose next to a real TARDIS and learn the story of why this shape shifting craft for travel in space and time is 1960s Police Phone box.
Tour Length
3 hours

Tour Amenities

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of transportation is involved?

Walking and public transportation (cost not included)

What is included in the tour?

Your private guide and Jelly Babies.

Are children included in the price?

Yes, children under 10 go free!

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Price: $ 52.00
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Experience Booking

Price: $ 52.00
Price shown is based on per person booking and can vary by number attending.



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