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Bonjour Paris! – Fun Family Intro Tour

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Paris is full of hidden symbols, stories, and legends. On this tour, your kids will turn into little detectives on a fun treasure hunt through the city. Hear stories about medieval Paris, where to find the oldest observatory in the world, and why Parisians love croissants so much on this family friendly experience.

Parents no need to worry! Your local host has everything covered and is ready to guide you and your kids in a fun and interactive way. This is the best way to see Paris together with your loved ones! Your local friend will provide the material necessary for the scavenger hunt, and will make sure to keep the kids entertained while learning about Paris at the same time!

Visit the Square René Viviani and find and old well and the oldest tree in Paris. Discover the gems of the Luxembourg Gardens and let your kids play around. Go to a bakery where you and your kids can have one of the best croissants in the city. Find out where you can get a cool family picture with the Eiffel Tower in the background. In the end, the winner of the treasure hunt will get a prize and will be a Paris expert.

This tour is also made and catered for the grown-ups in the group. Your local host will fully explain and provide the proper information at every stop to make everyone in the family happy. So, ready to explore the city like never before? Pick your favorite family-friendly local and tell your kids a cool adventure awaits in Paris!

This tour can be 100% personalized around your family’s needs and wishes. Let your local host know, and they’ll gladly arrange everything to make your loved ones experience an unforgettable one.


Check out the plan below to see what you'll get up to with your local host.
Feel free to personalize this offer.

Meeting point
Shakespeare and Company Café - Paris

Treasure Hunt!
Discover & explore Paris in a fun way! Find hidden clues, answer fun trivia and uncover hidden gems

Magical Bookstore
Be like Shakespeare at the world's most famous, tiny bookstore

Play in the Square
Go to a lovely little public garden square and find some hidden gems like an old well and the oldest tree in the city

Beautiful Church
Check out a medieval church renovated in the 19th century

Medieval Streets
Hear stories about medieval Paris and look for an old street sign to discover its meaning

Yummy Croissant
Enjoy one of the best butter croissants in town!

Impressive Landmark
Admire the Panthéon, an imposing building in the Latin quarter

Luxembourg Gardens
Let your kids play around as you hear stories about this beautiful gardens built for the queen in the 17th century

Street Discoveries
Take a stroll through Rue de Seine and discover its many treasures and hidden gems

Bridge with a View
Cross Pont des Arts for a view of the Seine River

Louvre Pyramid
Look for hidden symbols outside of the Louvre Museum

Tour Length
2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the tour?

A treat for the kids and a prize for the winner!

What languages is this tour available in?

Your tour guide can speak English, Français, Deutsch, Español, and Italiano, depending on who you choose.

Are children included in the price?

Yes, children under 10 go free!

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Price: $ 28.00
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Experience Booking

Price: $ 28.00
Price shown is based on per person booking and can vary by number attending.



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